26 May 2008

what's that I hear?

If you know me, you know I have... well... eclectic music tastes. If you're seeking some good music, here are some of my top recent choices:

- House of Cards and All I Need, Radiohead
- Believe, The Bravery
- Starlight, Muse
- The Stone, Ashes Divide
- Hello and Little Sparrow, David Cook
- Psycho, Puddle of Mudd
- Here's My Hello, Blake Lewis
- Rose Red, Emilie Autumn
- This Is the Night, The Weird Sisters (from a Harry Potter soundtrack, featuring two Radiohead members)
- You Know My Name, Chris Cornell
- The Wind that Shakes the Barley, Solas
- The Carlow Set, Culann's Hounds
- Tables and Chairs, Andrew Bird
- Release, The Tea Party

25 May 2008

miss me?

Sorry for the long dry spell in my blogging. What have I been doing all this time? Good question. I most certainly have not been making progress on my personal goal of visiting three new countries a year. Alas.

Here are the last couple months, in pictures:

Easter Egg dyed with onion skins (the traditional way).

Kite festival in DC. I appreciated the dragon kites and pirate ship kites.

More from the kite festival.

Cherry blossoms.

This pretty much sums up life in the passenger seat with Emily driving.

Radiohead in Tampa, FL. Uh-MAY-zing! I think we stayed at the same hotel as the band, too. And I'm not to be blamed for Emily's newfound gambling addiction.