26 May 2008

what's that I hear?

If you know me, you know I have... well... eclectic music tastes. If you're seeking some good music, here are some of my top recent choices:

- House of Cards and All I Need, Radiohead
- Believe, The Bravery
- Starlight, Muse
- The Stone, Ashes Divide
- Hello and Little Sparrow, David Cook
- Psycho, Puddle of Mudd
- Here's My Hello, Blake Lewis
- Rose Red, Emilie Autumn
- This Is the Night, The Weird Sisters (from a Harry Potter soundtrack, featuring two Radiohead members)
- You Know My Name, Chris Cornell
- The Wind that Shakes the Barley, Solas
- The Carlow Set, Culann's Hounds
- Tables and Chairs, Andrew Bird
- Release, The Tea Party


Emily said...

who is more inspirrational than I? not a soul.

Kristine said...

And which of these songs are you claiming to have inspired? Psycho??

The Au Family said...

May 26th was a long time ago.