18 July 2007

Hen Lotto

It's that time. Time for a recap of current TV shows! Yaay! These are the ones I consider noteworthy right now:

- Food shows. Three of them, to be exact. The Monday night boring pointless yelling one on Fox, and then the two I like. Let's contrast them. Next Food Network Star ends on Sunday night. I'm all for having guys pluck unruly eyebrows, but this guy is outta control. Put the tweezers away! Oh, right--the show. I'd prefer to have Amy win. In contrast, there's Top Chef, featuring this season's TALL GUY. Best line:

Guest Chef Judge: Wow, you're really tall.
CJ: Thanks for noticing.

- On The Lot. It's an anagram for Hen Lotto. Despite my Hollywood brother-in-law's feelings on the show, I've found the show to be entertaining. I like Will and Zach best. And I can't believe America has already voted all the girls off! Anyway, these are the films I've liked the best:

* Lucky Penny
* Nerve Endings
* Die Hardly Working
* Spaghetti
* Polished
* Dough: The Musical
* Danger Zone
* Worldly Possessions
* Broken Pipe Dreams
* Dr. In-Law

- Pirate Master. It's an okay show. They do have some interesting strategery going on. For instance, the current captain magically acquired a really fake British accent as soon as he put on his captain's jacket and hat. Plus they've already kicked off all the hot guys. Shame. UPDATE: I like the twist they added in today's episode, because it negated a significant portion of the strategery used by the captain and his mates. They brought back the eliminated players as "ghost pirates," and raced them for the treasure. Considering that they've been eliminating all the people they determined were their strongest competition, they've ended up creating quite a competition for themselves. Hmm, the show may be getting more interesting...

- Last Comic Standing, the International Version. Best line so far, from the Sydney tryouts:

I was watching a DVD the other day, and it had all this anti-piracy information at the beginning of it, you know? It was saying things like, “You wouldn’t steal a car, would you? You wouldn’t steal someone’s wallet, would you?” And I was thinking, “You know, that’s right! I wouldn’t steal a car.” But you know, if a mate of mine called me up and said, “Hey, I just got this new car, would you like me to burn you a copy??” I reckon I might consider it...

- Doctor Who. Creative as always. And, thankfully, I do like his new companion! Better than Rose? We'll see...

- Psych. It's back on! Hooray!

- Eureka. Nerd humor. Ridiculous and infeasible, but typically entertaining.

- Just for Laughs. I'm not impressed. It's an identical copy of the Just for Laughs that they show on BBC America periodically (though I think the show is originally Canadian).

- I almost forgot: Traveler! I watched the first few episodes of this show. It was painfully boring. Dumb plot line, and the frat boy main characters aren't interesting or cute. Even the dark haired blue eyed one (my favorite combination) isn't that attractive, with his googly eyes and perpetual confusedness. The show is now on my "please cancel" list. I never had a "please cancel" list before now.

Things that will be on soon:

- Dressed Up Crazy People and a Cheesy Host. Last season prompted much eye rolling. I haven't decided whether I'm going to watch this one yet.

- The IT Crowd. I love this show enough that I'm kinda expecting a disappointment. They're recycling British Moss. I wonder if he'll use an American accent for the show, like House. I bet his unique fashion sense will overtake the US IT community. Heck, it even makes ME want to wear a short sleeved checkered shirt with an ugly tie!

And I'll end on an IT crowd note. This is one of the reasons I love the show:

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Anonymous said...

those new "singing bee" whatever shows look good. and also, NEW SEASON OF DEGRASSI. pretty boring so far...

have you seen "confessions of a matchmaker" on a&e? LLOVEEEE IT!